Daisylydia is a Coach for musicians, boosting artistic mojo and traction and making Artist Warriors in the process.

Daisylydia, former Artist Manager for Icelandic Singer Björk and Artivist Bianca Jagger, noticed that the Artists she's worked with - from Björk to Bianca Jagger to Gucci's Alessandro Michele - all have a warrior-strong mind and spirit. And most of the Artists she meets in daily life - don't.

Martial artist Bruce Lee, says it best: 

‘..too much time is given to the development of skill and too little to the development of the individual for participation. Training deals not with an object, but with the human spirit and human emotions. It takes intellect and judgement to handle such delicate qualities as these. It implies discipline of the mind and power and endurance of the body. It is all these things working together in harmony’.

UBUNTU does what Bruce was famous for - marrying mind, body and soul in the pursuit of excellence. And making Artist Warriors in the process. 

Welcome to Ubuntu,